Whisper Of The Heart

Whisper of the Heart:

Whisper of the Heart is about a girl who is in Middle school who reads fantasy books and starts having fantasies about a boy who’s name she keeps seeing in the check out cards of the library books she checks out. One day she has to take her dad his lunch and she encounters a mysterious cat on the train with her. She follows the cat which leads her to a curio shop. She makes friends with owner of the store and runs off again to give her dad the lunch.  But she can’t keep her mind off of the jerk who she keeps seeing. The next day she visits the shop again and the “Jerk” is there pulling in on his bike. They finally at least quit making fun of each other and he lets her in to see the shop considering the old man who owns the shop keeps weird hours. She learns that the “jerk” is in fact the same guy who has been checking out the library books. Upset she goes all out on him but the old man and his friends settle things.  The next day he shows up outside her class room at recess to tell her that he’s going to Italy to train to make violins. Soon after his departure she realizes that she doesn’t know what to do with her life. She decides to write a book about the strange cat figurine she saw in the shop. At the end of her school year she’s asleep in bed and goes to her window to see the boy sitting there on his bike. She goes outside to see him and they peddle off to watch the sun rise.

whisperscreen61.jpg Whisper of the Heart image by lostty_2006


  1. ooo this movie was beyondd beautifulllllll i loved it soo much its my new favourite

  2. Is the sixth pic part of the film or fan art?

  3. my favorite movie

  4. funny how classics leave’s a lasting impression to all of us ^_^

  5. hey do u think u cud post the lyrics to her parody ” Concrete Road” i’d like to see them but cant find em anywhere

  6. its not part of the film nor is it fan art, it’s actually the dvd cover

  7. Love that movie!!

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