Whisper of The Heart Country Road lyrics

I dreamed of living alone but fearless,

Secret longing to be courageous,

lonliness kept bottled up inside,

just reveal your brave face they’ll

 never know you lied.


Country road may lead me home,

Know i belong there all on my own

destiny calls, motionless I stall,

no I can’t go,

Country road.


No matter how dark the world’s inside me

 I’ll never stop to show a tears that I’ve shed, but now

 I have to walk so fast, running, sprinting to forget

what is lodged in my head.

country Road, may lead me home, know I belong

 there all on my own. Destiny calls, motionless

 I stall no I can’t go country roads.

country road, la la la la. You’re a good friend

 I’ll never know. Same tomorrow, regret and sorrow,

can’t take you home. Country Road.




  1. Haha I love this song and movie I got real into it

  2. What a great movie.

  3. i love this song

  4. i just watched this movie tonight lol i own almost all this film makers movies <3

  5. This is the most relateable movie I’ve ever seen and I loved it. Miss you Julian. See you again one day soon.

  6. I’ve been looking around for the lyrics for quite a bit, glad I found them here. It’s usually the original version’s lyrics that comes up in searches. :3

  7. i really really like this song

  8. ohhhhh i love this the movie i love this song

  9. Thanks so much!
    Arigato! ❤

  10. very good song i love it so much

  11. LSS with this song. Definitely a good movie.

  12. Ironically, while the tune is very bright, some of the lyrics are actually very depressing. “Same tomorrow, regret and sorrow.”

  13. can you give me the site where I can download the english violin version of country road? :( thanks~~

  14. I just made my copy :) wehehehehe thanks :D

  15. Loved the movie and my favorite part was when they sung the song. Its imperational and sad at the same time but its meaningful and thats the main thing

  16. Ur right…actually I was planning to singit on my academic day at school but some lyrics confused me a bit don’t know fr sure if it wud be okay to sing it as a graduation song or not..
    If u know the theme can u tell it to me?

    • Awesome song I like it from heart

  17. such a romantic love story i surely fell for it

  18. I liked concrete road better😝 I know the John Denver ( actual version) of country roads, all the verses, by memory though!

  19. This song makes me soooooo happy! and I feel I’m on a spontaneous city view! AND SERIOUSLY I REALLY LOVED THE MOVIE WHISPER OF THE HEART NO KIDDING! THANKS FOR SHARING THE LYRICS OMG! ♥♥♥♥ I had a crush on Seiji lol.

  20. Can’t get over to this song.❤❤

  21. […] a translation or an adaptation of the song they are going to be singing at a school ceremony. Her lyrics aren’t exact to the original, but they tell an important message about the point she and her […]

  22. Like like like

  23. I have watched this movie like 50 times since I bought it. What is it about this movie that draws me ?

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