Twilight saga

I loveeeeee twilight!! I especially love edward cullen!!! He is hot and he is mine! MINE!!! SoRy! The Twilight series started out as a book written by Stephanie Myer and soon after began it’s filming into a movie. The story of an 18 year old girl from Pheonix, Arizona with divorced parents going to live with her father in Washington away from the heat and mother she’s known for most her life, is both intriuging and mysterious as she starts school and meets a strange yert beautiful family. Her new friends tell her all about them and soon she starts befriending the one single guy in the family, Edward Cullen. His mysterious apperance as well as his families piques her curiousity and she soon finds out a dark secret about them. Him and his family are vampires. When Bella’s life is in danger what can Edward do to save her from another blood thirsty pack of vampires? Also, I now have up my review of the new twilgiht movie!!! IT HAS MORE PICS!!!Check it out here at : https://hilery.wordpress.com/the-new-twilight-movie-breaking-dawn-part-1/

Here are a couple of pictures from the movies


ally-twilight.jpg image by musicfan98Eclipse

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