Truth or dares


1. What would you do to (someone) for a klondike bar?

2.  If your bf/gf was turned into an animal and you had to mate with them to turn them human, what animal would they be that would cause you the least mental damage?

3. If (someone) was a food, what food would they be and how would you eat them?

4.What is the most perverted thing you’ve ever thought of?

5. Have you ever felt attracted to the same sex?

6. If you had to, who’s undies would you wear for a day?

7. If you were turned into a girl (if your asking a boy) and you had to make out with another boy or you would die,how would you kiss them?

8.Whose tongue would you lick?


1 tell a boy to wear a bra stuffed with socks and tell them to run around and scream, “I’m a woman hear me roar!”

2. do a boys make-up

3. kiss a girls leg

4. make-out with a tree.

5. lick the ground for 15 seconds

6.run around and tell someone of the same sex they are hot and ask for their number

7.ask a 20 yr old for their #

8. pull your pants down and run around screaming I ESCAPED FROM THE MENTAL WARD!


  1. Uh…..

  2. Good idea haha!! I will surely use these lol

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