Truth or dare (dirty)











(For a guy) What have you done with a girl (or guy)

(for girl) what have you done with a guy (or girl)

If (blah blah blah) was turned into an animal and you had to mate to change them back, which animal would cause the least mental damage?

What would you do to (blah blah blah) for a klondike bar?

(for a guy) would you touch (blah blah blah) boobs?

have you ever wanted to watch get your clit/penis pierced?

If you had to make a porno, and you had to choose someone in this room, who would it be?

If I was a food what would I be and how would you eat me?

What is the stupidest thing you’ve done because someone dared you to

Which girl do you think would give the best BJ?

Which guy do you think has the longest penis?

If you could have anyone here in the room to be your slave, who would it be and what would you make them do?

Do you swallow or spit?  (for girls)

What is the fastest you have cum (for guys)

Have you ever gone a whole day without wearing underwear?

Would you be turned on if I asked you to spank me?

Would you eat out (blah blah blah)

Would you suck (blah blah blah)

What is your favourite thing about the opposite sex?

Tell the group what turns u on



Let a guy grab a girls boobs

touch a guys dick

bite someone on the neck

eat a strawberry off someones tongue

melt chocolate and have whoevers turn it is choose who they want to lick it off of but the other players choose where it goes.

lick someones tongue

Have a guy lick a girls boob (doesn’t have to be a tit)

Sit on a guys lap and make sexual noises

Have  a guy stimulate a girls tits vice versa

Tie a girl to a chair u can do anything 2 her good or bad. if she laughs, flinchs or moves at all she has to take off an article of clothing

have a guy lick whip cream off a girls tits or just on sensative part (vice versa)

Tie a girls/guys hands behind their backs and let someone of the opposite sex come up and do what they want for 30 seconds

Lick someone’s ear

Choose someone to give you a hickey on the neck, chest, etc… this also will count as a dare for the person you choose and their round will be skipped.

Choose someone to spank you and then straddle their hips and say it in your sexiest voice right in their ear. They have to spank you. this also will count as a dare for the person you choose and their round will be skipped.

Sexually tease someone for 30 seconds

Blow in someones ear

Spank someone

Have a guy take off a girls piece of clothing (vice versa)


(for boys) unclasp a girls bra and push their chest into yours

(girls) take your bra off but leave your shirt on

Get a guy to go out into a public area and sit down on a bench next to some random person scratching their crotch and saying, “Damn these crabs really itch!”

If there is someone in the group wearing a tie pull them close using their tie an kiss them



Have a guy kiss a girls croth (over the pants)

have a girl kiss a guys crotch (over the pants)

Group dares


Tell whoevers turn it is to leave the room for one minute and let the group decide who they want to have do something to the person being dared. Bring the person back in and blindfold them (or if wanted tie hands to a lamp or something). Have the person you chose do something to the daree until the daree moans or makes some sexual noise.

blindfold whoevers turn it is and have someone of the oppostie sex do something sexual to them and let them guess who it is

Have howevers turn it is leave the room for a moment. Let the group decide who they want to perform the dare with the daree. Bring the daree back in the room and have them crouch on the ground and stick their ass in the air. Have whoever the group chose come up behind them and hump their butt, spank them or etc… You can also blindfold.

Tell whoever the daree is to leave the room and let the group decide who they want to have perform the dare with the daree. (can be with opposite sexes or same sex.) You can put the blindfold on them and don;t tell them who it is. Tell the daree to lay down on the ground or table or whatever and don’t tell them what’s going on. Have the person the group chose get on top of them and do what they want to them for 30 seconds.

If you are a guy, have the group select two girls. You must choose the girl with the closest shaved pussy. If you are right, then your dare is over. If you are wrong, you have to eat her out.



 other games to play at parties!!!

Strip for the ace:

First everyone puts all the blankets you can find around them. You may only use the blankets in the room you are playing in. Then grab a deck of cards and plit them evenly. Keep the cards face down. Then on the count of three everyone flips over the top card. The player with the highest card must stip a layer of clothing(or a blanket). The person with the lowest card must add a layer of clothing or a blanket. The first person completely naked wins the game.

The Ace is the highest card.

Also you may play by when you have to strip a layer someone else takes that layer off of you, and you may not help them.

Guess Who you’re Kissing?

 Divide into two teams and blindfold one team and put them in a line. Each girl will take a turn kissing each person on the other team. They have to guess who each kiss was. Switch places and do it again. The team who gets the most right is the winner.

 Spin the bottle

7 minutes in heaven


  1. eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  2. Dylan is a wimp and he won’t do anything on this list. >:'(

  3. here are some Awesome Dirty truth or dare questions


  4. i did all of these

  5. I’m gonna do these with my friends on Tuesday ill tell u how it goes

  6. man we tryed theses an now i hve a boyfreind

  7. These are actually really good! Im going to try this with a group of people after school at the park and see what goes downnnnnn…. Lol

  8. I dare you to send me naked pics lmao

  9. im do this at my birthday with a bunch of people

  10. Love them tks

  11. Did all them with two girls ten quys

  12. Fabulous babe tried the all out with my gerbil Brian we are now dating and looking at the possibility a of going on holiday to Cheshire thanks again I hope we can be friends lots if love Jassinda Bailey

  13. Dare…
    Have sex with the opposite gender for five minutes, with kissing and sucking and licking of sensitive areas. eg. suck my tits and I’ll do what ever you want me to do on you.

  14. what age are these aimed at?

  15. Cazare Halkidiki

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  16. Okay these where fun apart from the oppisit sex ones xD

  17. Hey i want to play truth or dare if interested message me at Cybermaster1000@Gmail.Com.Au this is pretty much only for girls ill do nearly everything you want me to

  18. nice i did every one

  19. These dare are really good

  20. For ones aimed specifically at couples, check out http://www.couplestruthordare.com. Personally I’ve only ever found dirty tod to work with a significant other, but maybe others move in more saucy circles than me!

  21. o my god!wus up?

    • dare
      have someone tie u up to the bed and let them do whatever they want to u for 5 mins.If they move,then u can remove one piece of clothing.have fun lol

      • i did that and i want sex still


  23. There’s are so good

  24. This is very help full

  25. Nice :) Thanks for this truth dare questions

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