Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Last night as everyone knows (or shoud know) was the midnight premiere of the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn part one!!! Now, if you keep up with my blog, you might have read my other page on Harry Potter and saying good-bye to an era. If you haven’t read it and have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll leave a link at the bottom of the page so you can read it after you read this.

Now, as I stated before in the Harry Potter page, I was no longer a twilight fan because Harry Potter was just so much more better and I just absolutely love it!!! (I Still do!) However, I had no original plan to attend the  Breaking Dawn premiere bcause I thought that Twilight was stupid and I realized that the acting/ actors were kind of sucky. However, for my birthday, (back in june) my sister bought me tickets to go see the movie at midnight. I had agreed to it at the time but then thought that it was a bad idea after balling my eyes out for Harry Potter for 5 hours. Now, two days ago my sister tells me that I didn’t have a choice and you know since I’ve seen the other three I thought, “What the hell? I might as well see it otherwise I’ll have just wasted like +200 hours of watching/reading twilight stuff. So we get to the movie theater about 6:30ish and it’s freezing!!! I have on my bella clothes and people surprisingly enough called me bella while we were in line waiting for the movie. Anyways, we were let in the movie theater about 3 hours before the movie and so during the time we’re in the theater, and the time is slowly passing by until we have a half an hour left until it starts, we were getting the crowd amped. I have to say though right now, that within the first 15 minutes of the movie, I cried. They did a flash-back thing at her wedding and they played some of the songs off the first soundtrack that was just like the breaking point for me. It was just the fact that they’ve come such a long and strenuous way and now they’re married and having a baby. I loved that they still kept the same upbeat humor that always helps hold back my tears.

The reason I cried the most would probably be because of the music and just the fact that they’ve come along way to get where they are now. And I also cried (I never thought i’d say this) was because of Jacob. It was just that i felt so bad for him! I never thought I could feel bad for him.


I have not read the last book the full way though but I think that, because of how this movie ended (not going to spoil) the second movie is going to pick up where Bella trains for the war with the volturri and what not. I just found out today, that the final movie will be released next november…I thought it was going to be june but they just have to delay it from me >.<


So far Breaking Dawn is said to have grossed around $30.2 Million on the opening night. It has not beaten the estimated gross for the last Harry Potter movie though, but hey twilight fans, we can change that right? Let’s go out and see it about 2 more times :)

Which team?

Everyone always asks me: What team are you? I’m team edward because he’s hot as hell sin, but I always respond, “Team mustache dad” with a big grin.

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