The Cat Returns

The cat returns:

The cat returns is kind of like a continuation on Whisper of the heart. But here’s the story. It’s about a girl who has a boring life and wants some change. But when she rescues a cat from nearly getting killed she finds herself in trouble when she finds out that the cat she rescued was the cat prince of the cat kingdom. She then learns she’s engaged to him. In a desperate attempt to stop this she wanders off to find help from the cat bureau. The cat who helps her is the same figurien form whisper of the heart. So the cats come to get her and the figurien must save her. (i’m not going to ruin the ending for you.)

the_cat_returns-haru-umbrella.png image by fireflyofearth

One comment

  1. i like this.. but i haven’t finish it yet.. that’s y i keep on wondering about the end…

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