Spirited Away

Spirited Away:

This is a movie about a girl who’s moving to a new town and she’s sort of whiny and she gives up easily. So when her dad takes a wrong turn they find themselves in the spirit world- only they don’t know it yet. So her mom and dad start eating everything at one of the shops (keep in mind no one’s there). So she wanders off and finds a bath house at the far end of the town. She meets one of the spirits though but he wants her out so she won’t be stuck.  She goes back to her mom and dad but discovers they’re pigs! So her and the boy go to see the ruler of the bath house to get her a job. She needs a job so she wont be turned into a pig too. She gets the job and finds out that this place has a lot of mystery. The boy who helped her works for the evil woman that runs the bath house and she goes of at mysterious times to watch for things and the boy is also a dragon. Soon into her employment the boy leaves and doesn’t return for a long time. Finally when he does return he’s in trouble.He’s got paper birds chasing after him. So he flies up to the bosses room. She hurries to go and find him. Finally when she’s in the room she realizes she lead the bosses sister to him. He stole a sacred golden seal from her and she wants it back. But the woman is just a hologram. The boy takes off w/ her on his back and goes and gets help from the boiler man who helped her get to the bosses room. He watches over the boy and she goes off to return the seal and apologize. When she gets back a test awaited he If she could tell which one of the 12 pigs were her mom and dad they could all go home. She figures out though that her mom and dad are not in the 12. They all get to go home then.

Pig parentsSpirited Away 1

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