Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke:

Princess Mononoke is about a the last prince ( whos name is Ashitaka) of a tribe who got cursed by a demon pig. The curse he has has made his village make him leave and never come back. So he travels far to the East to find out how the demon boar who cursed him got cursed in the first place. Soon through his journey he stumbles across Iron Town where a the leader, Lady Aboshi, makes iron from the sand under the mountains. But in order to get the iron from the mountains she must first cut the trees down which angers the spirits of the forest. Lady Aboshi asks Ashitaka for help to fight of the heart of the forest, she wants him to help her kill the forest spirit. That same night, the defenders of the forest spirit come to kill Lady Aboshi. Ashitaka stuns the whole town when he takes the girl (who thinks she’s a wolf), Princess Mononoke, or is known as San, back to her brother wolves and take her back in to the forest. San and her become good friends but Ashitaka wants peace for both sides so he helps balance out everything. Rating: pg-13 for middle language, and gore.

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