People that piss me off on the internet

I HATE haters. I go on youtube a lot because I get super super bored and I just am a computer freak. What I do on the internet on a daily basis is basically, checking my yahoo, checking my work account, checking my wordpress and watching videos on youtube.  I watch a lot of stupid things that should not even be that entertaining. I KNOW! I’m just bored.I will usually click on the nyan cat videos or watch JennaMarbles videos. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you should go and check the link right here —-> https://hilery.wordpress.com/jennamarbles/

JennaMarbles had done a video on people that piss me of in the gym and other things like that and I can alomst say with 100% confidence that there aer some insecure people. I can this by the comments they leave. Sometimes I will hit a comment that says something like, “oh she’s so stupid your workout routine sucks and you’re ugly and I can’t believe how crude and mean you are about other people.” SHE IS BEING HONEST !!! IT SAYS IN THE TITLE OF THE VIDEO “PEOPLE THAT PISS ME OFF”! That should be your hint here people. She’s a vlogger that’s what she does. And if you had half a brain you would have seen that she’s talking about her experiences. If you don’t like her workout routine that’s fine! You don’t have to be such a stuck-up bitch and say she’s ugly cause chances are, you’re jealous. If you don’t like that she’s being honest don’t watch the fucking video. If you are so damn easily offended by things that are said and what’s going on in the world then get the fuck off the internet and curl up in your basement.

Half the time I go to a JennaMarbles videos there are comments, I mean big ass long comments that are by people who are haters. Again i’m going to say it. If you don’t like her videos then why are you watching them? If you don’t think she’s funny, just don’t watch her. No one said you had to watch her video. And seriously guys? Youtube is not a place to have your stupid hater/nice people arguements. Sometimes it seems ridiculous to me that that’s what’s being said in the comments bars. I remember when youtube comments had nice things to say and were actually ABOUT the video instead of people going off on each other saying , “hey bitch you’re probably fat and have no life if you like this shit.” Firstly, so what if I was fat? I bet your mama’s fat from having to carry around your big ass ego in her for +9 months. Secondly, you have no right to say I have no life. You don’t know me. I don’t know you. I’m certainly not going to say, “OMG YOU’RE A LESBIAN HOOKER WHO HAS NO FRIENDS AND YOU’RE AN EMO-” No. I am not like that. The only thing I do is be as honest as possible without the uneccesary meanness of hate comments. Why is it so hard for someone to just say, “hey that was a really great vid. made me laugh a lot. You’re so awesome?” And why is it so hard for a person who doesn’t like the video or blog or comment or picture to just leave and not say anything mean? You have a right to voice your opinions but really? The only thing you’re really doing by posting a hate comment is getting attacked by other hate comments towards yourself and making someone else feel bad.

The last thing Imma say is that so what if you don’t like her because of her style or the things she says or does. She has her own style and isn’t aiming to please anyone but herself. What makes you think that you are all high and might and can say you’re a freak if you watch this stuff? Just because I watch something you don’t like that makes me a freak? How? By your definition what is a freak?

The point of this article was NOT to offend anyone. I don’t think this is going to really change much on the internet but please if you’re reading this now next time you want to reply or post something hateful, PLEASE just ignore it and click on something else. I just felt a need to go off and talk about this since no one else really seems to talk about it.  If you have something to say that’s nice or realated feel free to post a comment bellow. I would like to thank JennaMarbles for being so funny and helping me laugh when I really need it. <3


  1. Look, the internet is going to be full of haters whether you like it or not. It’s something you just deal with. Sure they’re probably insecure in real life and pathetic and have nothing else better to do, but as RWJ says, the internet is somewhere where anyone with tiny penises can go round trollin’. It’s not a major issue, you just have to accept it and not get too irritated by it.

  2. I certainly agree with you here, except the for the part about the Internet being somewhere where anyone with tiny penises can go round trollin’. FYI, not every troll has a tiny penis. Hell, there are also female trolls. So you can’t generalize.

    As for going to be full of haters whether Hilery likes it or not and that it’s something that she just has to deal with, you’re right. It amazes me that she told easily offended people to get off the Internet when she expressed her ahtred of haters. How hpyocritical she is.

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