Who is Nigahiga? Well if you’d type the name into your youtube browser you’d see at least 60 + videos with at least 4,000,000 views even on the day they were posted. Nigahiga also makes their videos from HAWAII! Nigahiga is a group of asians that make nigahiga.

Ryan Higa, Sean Fujiyoshi, Taryn Nago,and Tim Enos make up Nigahiga and lately Nigahiga has only been involving Ryan and some other dude who’s name I don’t think anyone knows. Him and Ryan have been doing BEST DANCE CREW videos so maybe you know who I’m talking about now. They also have a movie out that has Shorty Ross-Pit Boss- in their movie. The movie?


They’ve got lot’s of videos out on youtube so look them up and laugh till you cry! Nigahiga is one of my favorite youtube comedy’s so I hope you enjoy!

Pictures (as always from Google)


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