Miley Cyrus: We Can’t Stop review

I’m sure that I’m going to get some comments back about this article after you’ve all read this. As we all know, Miley Cyrus, former Disney channel star from “Hannah Montana”, has recently tried to “vamp” up or drastically change her image. She’s been in the spotlight a lot recently, so much that everyone should know who she is.

By changing her image, I mean things like shaving half her head and dying her hair, falling more and more each day into the crowd of singers that sing about sex drugs and rock and roll. Now I don’t mean to say that anything is necessarily wrong with singing about sex, drugs and rock and roll, but she’s come from the upbringing of country and has (or had) a follower base of mostly young children.

Her new music video, “We Can’t Stop” has reached 112,098,271 views and has mixed reviews which is understandable. Through out the music video there’s just a lot that doesn’t make any sense. For example, eating bread every five seconds. Does she have a bread fetish or something? Then there’s the overly shown ass shaking and grabbing and twerking and grinding. Again, the video would be a whole lot better if she wasn’t rubbing her butt against something every five seconds. Then we have just the weird stuff such as her making out with a Barbie doll made to her image, a French fry skull,  then finally the girl who is supposed to cut off her own fingers and then bleed Pepto-Bismol. What is happening here?!

I also have to add, there’s some scenes in here that are really creepy. It’s like one big bad nightmare at times. There’s a guy who I guess is supposed to have like two tongues. Then we have the digitalized freaky head thing that appears at least 3 times through the video. On my first watch, I’m not going to lie, during the shot of the pool scene, everyone’s lying still and I really did think “OMG are they all dead?” Then I realized, no they’re all just super drugged up.

While I could take about the video for days, I’ll summarize. This video is a mess. About 35% of the actual video has relevance to what she’s singing about. The bread, the taxidermy and all that other crap is just like something that almost should be in a different video. It’s kind of bipolar to me in a way.

The video has a like and dislike count that are almost the same. The likes count for about 665,065  and the dislikes count about 601,048.

What I say to Miley Cyrus is, go on with your bad self. I actually really enjoy the song but the video is crap. She should have a right to go out and be free to do as she pleases sure, but leave the drugs at home Miley.


Transformation videos:

We went from this in 2006

to this in 2012

to this in 2013

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