My mom rarely laughs at anything I find on the internet that has anything to do with cursing or anything like that. But the other day I showed her one of JennaMarbles videos and she laughed so hard that she cried and turned red. The video I showed her was a video called “How to get people to stop talking you”. After that one I HAD to show her the one that followed called “When the face doesn’t work”. The video is about what you do if someone starts grinding on you on the dancefloor and they won’t leave you alone or about if anyone starts talking to you you really just don’t want to talk to. It’s a special technique called “the face”. Watch her video and you’ll see what I mean. I’m not going to spoil it.

JennaMarbles-or Jenna Mourey- works as a gogo dancer and vlogs in Boston. She makes new videos every Wednesday and has done videos on celebrities, underwear horoscopes, what’s going on currently, what’s happening in her life and video rants. She is one of teh funniest people I have seen on youtube and I love the videos she puts out because they’re not only funny, they’re true.

Jenna also has two of my favorite little guys that are usually shown on her videos, her dogs Kermit and Marbles. I have NO idea what type of dogs they are but I’m going to take a guess- no one make fun of me if it get it wrong-  a greyhound and a chihauhau? They seem to keep her on her toes a lot and she loves them a whole bunch.

Jenna has a Masters degree from Boston University in sports psychology and counciling. She was also gotten her videos viewed on ABCNews for the no grinding dance move movement. If you want to know how she avoids talking to people she doesn’t want to talk to or see the video I showed my mom click the link here ——->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wRXa971Xw0


Also, for my date nights, I like to follow these small and easy to follow rules to get ready so I look sexual <3

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