Howl’s Moving Castle

Howls Moving Castle:

This is a movie about a girl who works at a hat shop who meets a wizard who saves her from blob men on her way to see her sister. The same night when she goes back to the hat shop to lock up this character named the witch of the wastes is there and curses her by turning her into an old lady. And she can’t tell anyone about it. Her only hope for getting back to normal is to find the wizard Howl who is rumored to be evil. But when Sophie finds his castle it’s comletely empty except for a fire demon named calcifer, with who she makes a deal with. If she can get the spell off of Howl’s heart then Calcifer would help turn her back to normal. What happens next you ask? Watch the movie and find out for yourself.


  1. Fabulous post. I’ve bookmarked this page to check back later.

  2. its so beautiful and amazing story or movie that i have…..

    wonderful……..its my favorite cartoons movie in japan….

  3. I love this movie, I feel in love with Howl he’s just amazing. Really inspiring story.

  4. […] to Hilary for this last pic, which was harder to find. Isn’t it lovely?  Just looking at it makes my […]

  5. […] Picture borrowed from this site. […]

  6. my beloveD anime howl moving castle =)

    i want to retUrn in disney chanNel

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