Harry Potter And the Deathy Hallows Part 2: Saying “Good-bye” to an era

Well…It’s all over now. The final chapter in the Harry Potter movies has come and let me just say as being a die hard Twilight fan I think after watching the movie last night at midnight, and dressing up and balling my eyes out…I have converted and now want nothing to do with Twilight.

The new Harry Potter opened up last night (7/15) at midnight which I sat in line at 5 that day but people in Sacramento had been camping out since Monday! It shows how dedicated the fans are. Finally at around 8 p.m the manager of the movie theater let everyone in lines inside the theaters to sit down and buy their popcorn and food. The lines for the bathroom were down the hall and around three corners. I will say that most people in the theater were noisy as hell! No one would shut up during the Previews but when the movie started and the lights dimmed and when the Warner Brothers sign came on screen, everyone went quiet and were all focussed on that screen.

I have seen every movie from the beginning to now and last night while I was standing in line I was thinking about how I was going to be after I came out of the theater at like 3 in the morning. I alreday knew I was going to cry but I was not prepared to come out wanting to howl at the moon! I don’t think I have ever cried that hard in my life and even now I am super depressed. This will not be the last time I see this movie, not even by far. My “relationship” with the movies before this was I was very casual about them and I had been watching them since around kindergarden. I fell in love with the movies but I wasn’t a big massive super fan or anything. I was more or less the girl who enjoyed watching the movies. Like I said earlier on here, I WAS a Twilight fan. I was stir crazy for that and couldn’t wait to go see the last movie but since last night after the movie, I changed my mind and have become a Harry Potter monster fan.

The movie was INCREDIBLE! The visual effects were really amazing as well as how well the acting and the story line were made and produced. I know I speak for many Harry Potter fans when I say, “I am so sad that this is the last Harry Potter ever!” The characters have grown so much and people, I am NOT going to spoil but be prepared to gasp from actions of the characters. You will not expect the stuff you are going to see in this movie and if you have read the books, then you know that this last movie was a tear jerker and was shocking.

It’s actually really funny to me. I remember watching the first Harry Potter when I was in Kindergarden and they were all so young and cute. I don’t think anyone at that time was expecting much to come from Harry Potter. I feel a bond with the characters because it’s like I grew up with them and it’s like when I speak of a certain character from HP it’s like I’m talking about an old friend. They’ve gone from little kids in the Sorceror’s Stone, to the very last epic conclusion of their wizarding lives. It’s in all reality pretty sad. They’re all grown up now.

What comes next for the Harry Potter cast?

Well like most movie franchises and big tv shows that air for a long time, when the characters have become so widely known as a character it’s like anything else that they are in is downhill because you’re used to saying, “Hey mom! Look it’s Hermione!” But then after everything is done you can’t call her that anymore because she isn’t that character. The example of this that I can give is that when I think of a situation like this, I think of Don Johnson. Don Johnson was in Miami Vice back in the late 80’s and he became that character for a long time. After the series was over and he tried to go onto other things, none of them made as much money or were as watched as Miami Vice. Ms “Granger” also gave an invterview to Teen Vogue magazine in 2010 saying, “Until something comes along that I feel strongly about I’m not ready to act again.” She also said on an interview to Extra TV that she was going back to school.

I realllllyyyyyyyyyyy hope that there is more Harry Potter movies that are going to come out. Maybe they could even start a mini series of TV about some Harry Potter adventures. I just really hope that this is NOT the last movie.

Harry Potter, has also made a record breaking $43.5 MILLION just within midnight profits! Globally the movie has so far made a wopping $126 Million and this is just within the first day!

I rate this movie +5/5 stars because of it’s story line, how it was produced how amazing the impact was and how it captures its audience in the imagry and captivating epic moments. This movie doesn’t only have tear jerking scenes, there’s also humor in it as well.

Until then muggles and wizard folk, let us continue to buy Harry Potter products and keep watching the movies. We wish you well Harry, Hermion, Ron and the rest of the Hogwarts students and staff.


    • i love u harry and ron and i cant for get hermione

  1. Hi! I know that this is an older post, but I just found it today in a Google search. I just wanted to so thank you for the great pictures, especially the Severus Snape ones. I love how Alan Rickman played him throughout the series, and these pictures show that perfectly!

  2. i wish there were more Harry Potter Movies…..i really LOVE Harry Potter!!!…SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUchHHHHHHHHH…hehehehe

  3. I love harry potter

  4. i totally agree with your article i guess you could call it. i was soooo depressed when it ended, i actually thought that the deathly hallows part one was a little janky at the end when dobby died. i read that part in the book over and over again and i came up with so many reasons that i HATED that seen. it was so much sadder in he book. just like every other harry potter fan i do wish that there are many more harry potters because harry, ron, and hermione have grown up so much and i understand that when they are older that harry and ginny have kids and ron and hermione have kids but they can at least make movies about their kids lives, i just dont want the harry potter series o be over

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