Funny Truth or Dares


What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done till now

What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had?

If you won a lottery of 100 million dollars, what would you do with the money

Do you still wet your bed?

Do you still pick your nose?

Do you look when you blow your nose?

Have you ever gone streaking?

What is one of the wierdest wishes you’d wish would come true?

did you ever get to kiss a teacher you were in love with

Have You Ever Kissed A Boy Older Then You

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher

If someone made a movie about your life what would it be called and why?

What kind of movie would you want to make if you could?

If you could have sex with any celebrity or person who would it be?

What’s your favourite colour?


Go to a public place and sit next to some random person and just sit there for a few seconds then say “I have to pee” then get up and walk away.

Go to a public place and just sit next to someone

Go to a public play ground and start playing Oingo Boingo’s I love little girl’s song at top volume on your ipod speakers or on your phone

Stand on top of a table and dance Caramelldansen

Stand on top of a table and yell to the top of your lungs “STOP!” and when everyone looks at you say “Heffer time!”

Go to starbucks and buy something, when the person asks for your name say “Oprah” or “Obama” or “Lady Gaga” or “Michael Jackson” or some famous and well known persons name

Push a penny around a toilet seat

In a public place start singing a Justin Bieber song

In a public place yell “I lost the game!” Only in a place where people know waht the game is. Or in place with teens.

Have someone play what is love by haddaway and start bobbing your head like in the video IN A PUBLIC PLACE!

Act out a particular commercial ad

In a public place start singing and dancing to the Hockey Pockey, The macarana, or I’m a little tea pot

Call a friend in the middle of school and when they answer say Chickety China the Chinese Chicken


  1. thank’s this will b fun! :)

  2. lol u have no more comments (loner)

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