About me (and stuffs)

I realize that this page is a litte over due but hey, better late than never right? Well I suppose we can start with the lists of hobbies/likes


  •    ummm…collecting david bowie things
  •    listening to David Bowie
  •    FASHION!!!
  •    Reading meh berks (for correct reference on how to read, take a look, or “terk a lerk” at exhibit A)

Gersberms                                                                 (exhibit A)

  •    Cosplaying :B
  •    watching anime
  •    watching asian horror movies or any good horror movie
  •    Listening to Glass Candy
  •    Play video games
  •    Watch Pewdiepie :D
  •    Review movies
  •    Dress up as the wonderful Miss Palin, ’cause I do a damn good Alaskan accent (you’ll just have to imagine me saying that last part)
  •    Being in class lol [is super serious]

Like/ interests:

  •    Paramore
  •    Pride and Prejudice
  •    Sense and Sensibility
  •    Glass Candy
  •    David Bowie
  •    Horror movies
  •    Harry Potter
  •    The rocky Horror Picture Show
  •    The Rachel Zoe Project
  •    The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
  •    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
  •    English
  •    History (Which I’m actually trying to minor in)
  •    JennaMarbles
  •    MST3K
  •    Magic (no not the stupid card game)
  •    Mystery/crime books
  •    FASHION!!!$#!!$!#$@

Then we’ll move onto the list of dislikes which strangely enough isn’t as big as I thought it’d be


  •    Justin Bieber
  •    My little pony >:(
  •    Aliens! I am TERRIFIED of aliens
  •    Slenderman
  •    Those people that spell like “OMG btch im guna loz my shitt” or the ever so favorite “I luv all my frendz and my gurls <3 #ballin #youthebest #forevr #whitegirl” like seriously, what even is this shit? =.=’
  •    Spiders  (I am not even kiddin’ y’all, I turn into pure white girl terror)
  •    Waking up early on weekends

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