New Line by Hilery


It’s 2:15 AM. I’m fitting with another bought of insomnia as my brain won’t shut off and starts to wander and think about all the things I could be doing, could’ve done all day and could do tomorrow. So, instead of sleeping, I start to doodle as have for the past month and a half about things that make me smile and sketches of clothes that I would die for. It’s at this point that something clicks in my head. During the hours I’m awake during the day I’ve been thinking how nice it’d be to have more money since the job I currently work at only has me working 8-10 hours a week. Seeing as I have bills to pay and a stomach to feed, the idea of selling my own creations seems like a pretty fantastic idea. I have friends who do the same thing and while it’s not something to solely live off of it’s a way to earn a little extra. This leads me to my much and long needed update here, I have kinda sorta launched my own store. I figured from all the years that I’ve been on wordpress and have been into fashion and anime, it’d be a really good idea to combine the two to more or less meld the hodgepodge of this website together (seeing as there’s never really been a theme and anime and fashion make up the majority of my blog). My store is a mix of plushes, pillows, dresses and accessories. However, so far I only have one item posted and it’s my bestie Donny Donut.


Yes, Donny is the first of my creations and I have him up for sale on my new etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/KittyLoliPrincess) and there are more to come. I’m super excited for this new venture in my life and I’m ready for the challenges that I’m going to get faced with. I’ve always loved sewing and while I’m not a professional, I know enough to make things and make them strong and last long. I’ve also got an instagram all set up since I’m trying to get up on the times XD

I’m really excited to see where this goes and I’m excited to have all you guys with me. Thank you all as well for the past 6 years and thank you for hopefully the many more to come :) And here’s to the launching of KittyLoliPrincess

IG: http://instagy.com/user/kittyloliprincess

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