Back online


Wow! I know I’ve had a couple of posts like this before about being gone for a while but Jeez! It feels good to be back! I’ve been gone and not updating since fall because of work, school and college anddddd other big life stupid boy problems. I’ve been keeping up with comments and notifications of follows and such from my phone, however, today was the first day I actually checked back in for views and such! Let me just say I’m totally surprised! When I checked in, I wasn’t expecting much as far as daily views go but was really delighted to see that instead of the 300 a day I was expecting, I had 1,000! THANK YOU!

Anyways, seeing that I don’t honestly have that much going on at the moment as far as school and college go this semester, I have free time to get back on track here and update the crap of this. As for what’s coming, you can expect more fashion, life updates and movie reviews.

I hope you all are having a good New Years so far and I’ll see you in later updates ;)

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