I RAVE U feat. DJ ozma


Alrightyyyyyy. So, I think as you can tell by most of the content on my blog, I love the Asian cultures and all that fun stuff. I love the quirky and sometimes downright weird shit that makes you go “OMG I’ve just been mindfucked” not in the good way either XD. I love the Kpop stuff and Jpop music and the music videos and dances. All of it. But this…this is just a whole different level I can’t even describe.
I had a gif I found maybe a year ago and I didn’t know where the hell it was from so I hung onto it because I thought it was kinda fun. Well, I just figured out where it’s from and to be honest, after watching around 5 seconds into the video I was already thinking “What the fuck am I watching?” Yeah, it’s that bad. Not even in a likeable way. And it progresses to get worse as the video goes on. Here it is, let me know if you can make it through the whole video without thinking wtf once. I challenge you!

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