Damn! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything! I realize that it’s been about pffttt six months since anything new has gone up. Really though. Like not even a picture has gone up the past six months. I’m going tell you why that is. During the past year of school, it’s been pretty wild. I suppose it’s a growing up period in my life; I’ve found out things about my family that I didn’t realize were happening, there have been tragic events that have happened within the family this year as well as having to deal with losing a teacher and a principal to the serious irresponsibility of the words of a teenager. I find it very hard to believe sometimes that I’m the same age as some of these reckless and moronic people yet be more mature and stable than them. I won’t divulge anymore information but it has been a hellish year with those and more. Since it is summer though, I finally have time to blog and fix things up again! starting with the layout and background and then putting up new pages!


The new content

After going through the content of my website, I’ve seen a pattern of just hodgepodge. I don’t really see a direct audience and I don’t think I ever have. Really I’m blogging what I want to blog about and what interests me. SO, what you can be expecting to see will be anime reviews, some polyvore posts, interest in pinterest, movie reviews and then the occasional rant or rave about some news like a “Thoughts on Daniel Radcliffe” page or, for those of you who know me enough, A full fledged “David Bowie is the best and here’s why” page. Because yes, he’s gorgeous and I don’t care how old he is. He will remain a star to me FOREVER! I know I might be a bit late, but I think I could still put out a review on his new album ;) ALSO keep an eye out for funny photos of the day.

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