The fabulous fashion adventures!!! NEW!


Well as of my last post, I have decided to start a little mini series of my “Fabulous Fashion Adventure” as I try to do a 10 look fashion show for spring of this year ready in march. I am a High School student who currently has an internship at a local boutique in Old Sacramento.

   Why have an internship?:

At my high school-the Met Sacramento- I am required to have an internship. I get Tuesdays and Thursdays to go out into the world and get an internship/ shadow day in a career area that I find in my interest area and that I am passionate about. For me, that would be fashion. I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up. I want to show at Milan Fashion week and at Mercedes Benz fashion week. Now, when I say I get Tuesdays and Thursdays off, I DON’T mean that I can stay home if I want. If you don’t have a shadow day or an internship, you MUST be at school looking for one.

What do you do at your internship?:

At my internship I work the cash register, I man the store when my mentor goes out to run errands, I talk to customers, I answer the phone, I dress the manequins and I price things. I have lots of fun at my internship, my mentor keeps me on my toes. She is absolutely fabulous and is so fun to work with.

Internship Project?:

As I said in the beginning of this post and the last post, I am doing a fashion show for my internship project. My fashion show will have 10 looks. I will be doing EVERYTHING by myself aside from maybe modeling the clothes and setting up the runway. I am sewing, writing, and documenting everything by myself. This fashion show will be colorful and vibrant with crazy colors and patterns. Now keep in mind I am 15 and this is the first time I’ve EVER taken on anything quite this big. I have only sewed minor things like a crappy tee shirt, pajama pants, a little bag and a skirt. I have not sewed in a very long time and I am however planning on taking FASHN 150-which is the introductory to fahsion class- at Sacramento City College.

Going to college?:

Yes you read right, I am a high school student going to college. My school has a partnership with Sacramento City College and the students are allowed to take college classes as long as they maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or above and it does not interfer with their in school classes. I have taken a college class before, which was the HCD 320 (I think) and the class was a required class that all first time college/high school students must take before being able to take another college course of their choosing. The class is an introductory to college/money managing class. I’ve done that class so now I’m moving on to taking my own college class. They say that If you continue and work your way to it, you can get your AA by the time you finish High School! That is ultimately what I am working towards.

What is your fashion show going to be/look like?:

Well, While I’d like to spill the beans and just tell you all about it and show the fabric and what not, I’d like to keep this a secret and I’ll just tell you what I can for right now without saying too much. The show is going to be a spring collection so you can expect lots of color and wild patterns. There’s also going to be an amazing stage and decorations as well as super cute accessories.

When and where is your fashion show going to be?:

I am going to be doing two shows. The first will be the presentation of it as a project for my school and the second will be the real show somewhere in the Downtown area(maybe) I’m still looking for a place to have it. I am aiming for March the 26th for the first show. Then maybe the 30th for the actual show. I am hoping to get it inside somewhere that isn’t much to rent or isn’t any rent. I will be charging admission though. $12 a ticket to get in and watch. When I know for sure what day and where, I will be sure to post. If you are interested in attending, feel free to send me an email @ Hilerywordpress@gmail.com or mjrocksiluvdhim@yahoo.com. Feel free to leave a comment below or if you like the website and stuff, follow me!

<3 Hilery

Met Sacramento High School: metsacramento.org

U.be.u fashion boutique (my Internship): Ubeufashion.com

My yahoo: Mjrocksiluvdhim@yahoo.com

Gmail: Hilerywordpress@gmail.com

First Fabulous Fashion Adventure post!:


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