New Year, New Posts and Pages


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I actually have typed a post or page and talked to all of you. I have been really busy as of late and been stressing out a lot too. I have had a lot of school work that I’ve had piled on me as well as a project I have been planning for my internship site (U.be.u Fashion Boutique). So I have not had any or much time to come and fix my wordpress, but I have been skimming through a lot of the old pages and have notices that the anime episodes have been either taken down from youtube or they just don’t work period. So in this New Year, starting today, I am going to try to fix as much and post at least 1 page a week.

The first thing that I am planning on fixing would be the youtube videos. I also plan on putting up a game play page with videos of game walkthroughs and such by people like TobyTurner. But I have to tell you something that I just learned recently (like yesterday) which actually freaked me out. In one of the comments on a youtube video for a gamewalkthrough (and I looked it up to make sure it’s real), it’s stated that the government is planning on passing a bill that will take down any copyrighted video footage of games that are being used for financial gain and without the owners approval. This means no more TobyTurnerGames, no more helpful walkthroughs and no more of those funny Phoenix Wright videos I’ve posted in the past. It’s not known when the bill will be passed but I would suspect anytime in the near future. So with that looming over head, I’m going to try to post as many vids as possible before the bill passes so that you can watch and get your tips and hints.

Next thing I’m going to be posting is a page of music. Yes, who knew Hilery had any musical talent? I play piano and a little guitar so I while be posting vids of me playing some of the songs that I’ve learned and some songs that you can feel free to request (just as long as it isn’t anything like Circus Gallop)

For the few of you that actually read the posts and look at the home page of my wordpress, you’ve probably noticed all of my fashion posts. I have been using polyvore.com and pintrest a lot lately and have been getting really into fashion design (links as bottom). I plan on having a fashion page with fashion design of the day featuring things I might put together on Polyvore.

Lastly, I have big news. At my High School (The Met Sacramento, link at bottom) we are required to have an internship and go out into the world and pursue a career that we find in our interest area. Since I’m interested in Fashion, I choose a boutique in Old Sacramento called U.Be.U Fashion Boutique, which I have talked about in my other posts. She sells vintage, trendy and modern clothes and what I do is style the manequins, run the cash register, man the store when she’s out running erands, talk to customers, answer the phone and help open the store. Now, my HS requires you to do an Internship project. I have decided to do a runway show! I will be doing a spring fashion show sometime in March of 2012 at my school and then at another place (which I still have to find) and I will be doing this completely on my own without any help in sewing. I know that this is a lot to be taking on, especially at my age, but I want to do this and I just feel that I can do this. This is what I want to do. So, since I have to have evidence and a timeline to present along with my project I will be making a video diary of the project and I will be posting the videos on here whenever they are filmed. i am planning on going to San Francisco soon to go to Britex fabric store to get my fabric and patterns so when that happens I will NOT be posting any new pages or posts because I will have no means of accessing internet. But If any of my lovely readers are in the Sacramento area, feel free to stop by my internship site-I’m there on Thursdays and Fridays after 12- or keep reading and watching the vids and I will be sure to tell you the dates and times that I am showing the runway show at.

Love you all and have a very happy New Year


U.be.U fashion Boutique:



The Met Sacramento High School:


My Polyvore:


My Pintrest:



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