Rick Perry’s Strong Video


Be warned people. I’m about to go off on another rant here. For those of you who are reading this now, this post is probably not going to make any sense at all unless you’ve seen the Rick Perry’s Strong video on the tv or youtube. So if you haven’t watched it, here you go

Alright so, firstly, who the FUCK made you blessed and told you to spread the hatred of gays to others? This is what fucking starts wars not sexual orientation. You’re the kind of prick who laughs at gay kids when they kill themselves for feeling unloved and bullied. GO. FUCK. YOURSELF.

I can say this because:

a) I’m kinda Christian/ have Christian beliefs, but I could care less on who’s having sex with who unless they’re celebrities, or who’s getting married to who (again) unless they’re celebrities.

b) THERE IS NO WAR ON ERLIGION!!!! Get over yourself.

c) When the fuck did this become Obama’s war?

d) You’re stupid. Kids are actually allowed to pray in school, it’s just that your teacher can’t have you pray to a certain deity.

e) You say that it’s bad that our children can’t pray in school. There’s a erason that teachers are required to not have kids pray by the government. It’s cause other parents get pissed off when people have their kids pray to a different God like Shiva.

f) Keep the Christ in Christmas? Please. Learn about its Pagan roots.

g) Faith didn’t make the government and didn’t make America, the pilgrims left Europe to get away from religious persecution. Why the fuck would they then say “hey! let’s make this new land a place where we have laws and rules set on religious practices like Christianity!” No. Actually do a search for the word God in the Constitution. Only one reference to any higher power, but even then, the document, in no way, states that this country was founded on any religion.

My point was not to slam Christians, because I’d be slamming myself and it’s none of my concern how you practice your religion, who to and what you’re beliefs are. I got pissed off at peoples ignorance and when you go and insult gays like that, it’s no wonder that kids that are homosexual are killing themselves! You are entitled to an opinion, but when it’s something like sexual orientation, or segregation, do us all a favor and keep it to yourself, because Rick Perry, that’s the shit that starts wars. That’s fucking amazing that you’re a Christian, but don’t try to justify your hate on the gays with your religion. Are you spreading the love of Christ and loving all men like your brothers and sister? I think not. So once again, go fuck yourself and die in a hole.

Also I found a video that I completely agree with and got some of my support from this video. Thanks dude. You’re amazing for being so blunt and true like that. Keep on keeping on.

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  1. Hello my name is Alex. Im the person in the response video. Thanks for featuring me. *hand waving*

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