New posts, explainations, what’s new and artcile ideas!!!


Well, it is officially Halloween time!!! WOOT WOOT! anyways, for those who read my blog, you might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything new in a while except for the Halloween parties page (link at bottom) and maybe re-posts of Sailor Moon videos. But other than that I haven’t done much. The reason for that is.. well there’s multiple reasons actually(well it’s more of a list of crappy excuses and how many I can name (: )

1) School: I’m trying to keep my grades up and above 90-i’m going for all 100%s but it’s not working out too well- and my classes have just given me a bunch of tests all on Friday so I’ve been studying my ass off and I think I might have missed maybe 1 or two questions on my tests (Yippee!).

2) Writer’s block: Nothing has really happened of lately that has inspired me to really write an article about it. So If you have anything that you want me to type about, e-mail me or leave a comment and I’ll do my research on it and type it up as best I can.

3) PSAT: I just took the Practice SAT’s today…I know! It’s Saturday and I had to be at school at like 8:30! Isn’t it enough I have to see you people DURING the week? Anyways, I took that today and it lasted like 3 hours and to tell the truth it was pretty hard. Like the only section i’m confident I did well on was probably Grammar and corrections and such.

   Reason number four seemed pretty good but instead I thought it was more of a what’s new thing.


   Other than my list of things I’ve been pretty busy, what with school and all. I just went on a shadow day to an Glamazing boutique in Old Sacramento called U.be.U fashion boutique (link also at bottom of page). It’s run by a really amazing and fun woman and there’s spectacular vintage clothes as well as modern and fun clothes like amazing logo tee’s and some checkered boots that would be totally amazing with skinny jeans and an off the shoulder shirt, but that’s beside the point! This place is awesome and I had a wonderful time at my shadow day there. Everyone go check it out!

   I’ve also been kind of working on putting together a field trip and my exhibition which is due in two weeks. I haven’t even started =.=’ I had my internet crash and burn in my face. Yeah! Just my internet, the rest worked fine so I was stuck last night having to type and play fisher price PC-rom games! (i know I’m a total dork.) And my computer doesn’t have power point so I got to type up my English papers and vocab for like… the next 4 weeks!

   For the field trip, we’re planning on going to see a movie at either the Crest or Tower theater in downtown after exhibitions are over. We’re still looking into which movie and how much money everyone needs and what not. There’s still a couple of kinks to work out before we can send out an e-mail to my advisory. Also if anyone knows of some awesome-and kind of educational- films out right now, let me know!

   Lastly, I just wanted to type about things that are going to be put up soon-i promise- because I think that it’s high time for some updates!


   I’ve been thinking with the idea of starting a fashion page…but I think we all know that from my past attempts, they didn’t do so well. I’m might try again and with a different format and a better approach.

   Music/sheets/ vids/tutorials: I have become quite obsessed with synthesia on youtube and have taken it upon myself to record whenever I’ve learned a full song. I might add in something here like it takes me a really long time to learn a full song mainly because I suck at reading notes >.< But if I can get my vids on youtube-hopefully that’ll be soon- then I’ll have the page up. Also, whenever I look up sheets I write them down or save the link just for you :) So if you’ve been looking for Phantom of the Opera sheet music for the piano, I’ve got it.

   Art/photoshop:With my mediocre photoshop skills and paying attention to the lovely youtube tutorials, I’ve learned just a little bit more about using Photoshop and have started doing tiny dabbles. I have also been taking tons of pictures on my not-so-impressive camera. Some of the shots though came out really good. That may be a page as well!

   Sailor Moon: In one of the posts I did-i think- I wrote about how they keep getting taken down. If I didn’t post this I’ll post it now. I’m getting my videos all from youtube and when the video is deleted on youtube, it also gets deleted here and since Sailor Moon is like so big and stuff, there’s been tons of copyright crap and every time I post vids on here they end up getting taken down like 3 days later. So just keep checking the pages for me and keep coming back because I’m trying my hardest to find videos that haven’t been copyrighted.

   With all of this, I hope you’ll come back and visit soon ‘caue this will soon be really awesome! Again if you have any comments/ideas send me an e-mail which is on my contact info page (link!) or leave a comment below! You may be responsible for my next post/page. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!  

U.Be.U fashion Boutique: http://www.ubeufashion.com/2/category/ubeu%20fashion%20quote510a32ac9f/1.html

Halloween party page: https://hilery.wordpress.com/halloween-party/

Fashion page: https://hilery.wordpress.com/fashion-feedback-page/

Contact info: https://hilery.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/contact-me/

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